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party has agreed to as the final or partial settlement to the case. The mediator will draft a Memorandum of Understanding and other appropriate documentation,outlining the decisions and actions to which each party has agreed. The memorandum is then signed by both parties, signifying their agreement. The agreement is legally binding as if it was a traditional contract, and as such, it creates certain legal obligations.

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What makes mediation so powerful is that the parties are engaging in effective communication and are making their own decisions with the help of a non-partial mediator. Since there is no judge or third party imposing decisions upon the individuals, they are able to work together to communicate and find mutually agreeable solutions that will minimize future disputes. The mediator is present to provide a safe environment and facilitate a dialogue that will help the parties develop solutions to their particular situation.  

why mediation works

the goal of mediation

Mediation helps disputing parties identify common goals and interests, and when that happens, parties involved can begin to find small areas to come together in agreement. Agreement on small issues often leads to agreement on larger issues, and what follows is a resolution that works for each party involved.

Benefits of Mediation

► Mediation allows you to settle conflicts without going to court.

► You will save money and time by using the mediation process instead of traditional litigation.

► An impartial, third party mediator works for and with all parties involved in the conflict, facilitating

discussions that lead to non-aggressive, productive negotiation and resolutions.

► Mediation allows you to reach your own settlement instead of one that is imposed upon you.

► The emotional drains involved with most conflicts are lessened as a result of mediation.

► Mediation brings about creative solutions that would not have otherwise been possible or conceived.

► The mediation process demonstrates conflict management skills that can be used for future disputes in your life. 

► Mediation is private and confidential.

► Mediation is empowering for all parties involved.

A mediated agreement outlines the decisions and actions each

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Mediation is an effective and empowering dispute resolution process that allows individuals to settle their disputes respectfully and confidentially in a non-adversarial setting. With mediation, you are in control, and your mediator empowers you to find mutually agreeable solutions by identifying common goals and interests.  Opening up pathways for communication and mutual respect allows all parties to put the conflict behind them and move forward in their lives. Mediation is an alternative to litigation, and it is particularly useful for parties who want or need to continue to have a relationship in the future.

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