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help you reach child custody agreements, agreement on asset and property division, and debt allocation.  During the child custody portion of mediation, Eagle River Mediation will help you develop effective co-parenting plans and calculate child support. Eagle River Mediation is listed on the Idaho Supreme Court's Roster for Child Custody Mediators and is qualified to handle all custody issues.  Whether it's creating a new parenting plan, a new child custody agreement, or a modification to an existing parenting plan, we will help you stay focused on the needs of your children and keep their best interest in mind.  

Eagle River Mediation will walk you through the entire divorce and custody process. In essence, divorce is about moving on; we help you do that with respect and concord.

Divorce mediation covers the following areas of service:

There is a tremendous level of stress, pain, and frustration that goes along with divorce and child custody.  Instead of letting the courts decide your fate, Eagle River Mediation can help each party involved (including your children) feel empowered throughout the process and make important decisions and reach important agreements on your own.

Avoid the long, drawn out and expensive litigation of divorce court by allowing the meditation process to help you focus on replacing conflict with cooperation and compromise.  The divorce mediation process will

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